Thanks to the folks at Antioch Journey for writing this past week to ask, “Have you ever considered that the Western church usually presents the Gospel in terms of forgiveness through the removal of guilt, but people in the Majority World tend to seek honor or spiritual power? If we are to be effective Kingdom ambassadors in today’s globalized world, Christians need to understand and communicate a three-dimensional gospel that speaks to all of these perspectives.” They are spot-on. The Antioch Journey folks also told us about some friends of theirs at Eternity Bible College who will be hosting a special evening conference with keynote speaker Jayson Georges. Jayson is the founding editor of

and has also authored a solid resource on this subject, “The 3D Gospel: Ministering in Guilt, Shame and Fear Cultures”. The conference will be held on May 13, 2017, from 5-9 pm in Simi Valley, CA. For more information or to register, check out

(Thanks again to the Antioch Journey, for bubbling this up to us. Learn more about them immediately below.)