…one donor, who gave in the name of a particular church in Kosova. Would you help me honor them as we give proper thanks to this recent donor, who wanted only that we Kosovo, where witnessing among Muslims is very difficult. Thanks so much!
… for SMCC Missions, who sent $50 this past week. God bless you!
… for the folks in Alberta, Canada, who sent $200. Amazing. So grateful.
… our friends at CCI Equip who sent $50. May God bless you! CCI Equip sets up a 550-hour comprehensive training program for national pastors in countries all over the world. Their mission is to glorify God by equipping Christ followers globally with comprehensive training for effective ministry. Learn more on the web at…

… to the real estate agency, YourCountryHome.net, which sent $100 this past week. Thank you!!! They mostly wanted to promote Foundation for His Ministry,


These anonymous donors wrote, “They have served faithfully throughout Mexico since the 60s, and are where my heart was first moved to become involved in cross cultural ministry. A book called Charla’s Children tells the story of the early days of the ministry.” Find this book here…

… Magazine Training International, which sent $100 last week. Thanks!
… The founders of Lingua House, who sent $20 this past week. God bless you! Lingua House has now been turned over to John Tiersma Watson. They’re the publishing house for LAMP, Bonding, Community is My Language Classroom and more — and it can all now be ordered from:
John Tiersma Watson:
PO Box 17367,
Los Angeles, CA. 90017
You can also email for more information at jtierwat@earthlink.net
… anonymous donors who sent $50. We’re soooo grateful.
… great friends in Round Rock, TX, who sent $50. Thank you!
… and last but not least, for the Centenary United Methodist Church in Lexington, KY, which just sent $150 to spur on Brigada as a tool for reaching the nations! Thank you so much!