Month: October 2016

4) TESOL Training in Asia

Get TESOL training for those in ministry at a ministry budget price. Asean Center for TESOL offers an intensive, five-week course leading to a TESOL certificate in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Get classes, community experience, and...

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5) New Prayer Book Just Published Last Week

We’ve been waiting for the sequel to “Red Moon Rising” for years. Now, available for the first time (just published last week), Pete Greig’s book, “Dirty Glory,” will likely inspire and...

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8) Learn about Crossing Cultures in Scripture

Loved the item in our sister publication, Missions Catalyst, about the new Marv Newell book… See the Missions Catalyst item for more info… BOOKS: Insights from Scripture on Crossing Cultures Marv Newell basically...

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9) Who’s Going to Cross?

In a way, it looks like the “Cross” Conference is taking the place of the old “Urbana” deal, right? I wonder if they can attract the same numbers. Remember the “good ole’ days” when...

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10) Nice “Quiz” game at

How did I not see this before? Today, Elisha told us about Looks like a fun way to introduce kids (of all ages) to unreached peoples. The folks at inspire...

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11) Do the Wingfeather Saga Books Inspire you???

Speaking of getting inspired, what’s your take on the Wingfeather series? Seems like some people find them on the same level as Chronicles of Narnia while others can’t get out of the first...

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