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In this issue…
1) Free Cases of Mission Frontiers on Starting Movements
2) How Should Christians Respond to Muslim Refugees coming to our Land?
3) Changing Times in Missions: Project Nomad
4) Automate your Handwritten Responses
5) New Subscription-based Short-term Trip Website Worth the Look
6) Book: “Now What? Spiritual Discernment for Cultural Encounters
7) “Screwtape 20/20 – The Gates of Hell” just Published
8) Direct Deposit Online Donations
9) Want to Speed up your Reading? Try this new Tech:
10) Send Out Cards Can Help you Expedite Personal Greetings
11) Get Oriented for Cross-cultural Work with TRAIN International
12) Maximize Your Ministry With Mobile
13) We’re Grateful…
14) The BackPage: What if we All Became Multiplying Disciples?
15) Closing Stuff