This past week, we received some fairly disturbing information about a nearby Christian College apparently having to let go of about 1/3 of their faculty and staff. It was particularly poignant because it was in the middle of their fall semester — so it has caused disruption for the morale, let alone for the students who suddenly find their class without a prof. An elder in a nearby local church asked for prayer for all our nation’s Christian colleges. He explained that students are still grieving as the university’s DNA is built around the close proximity of the students with their instructors. He asked for prayer for the schools (“that God is glorified through whatever transitions take place within this university”), the students (“they lack the life experience to deal with these trials efficiently and we need to pray that they do not stumble”), the faculty (“remaining and displaced”), and the trustees (“that they lead to the Holy Spirit’s guidance”). Have you heard of other schools like this one? Check out these stories he shared:

(Thanks for your thoughts, Paul.)