2) On-The-Fly Prayer Card Prep at JoshuaProject.net

Are you planning a special emphasis on a particular country, region, or other special group within the Joshua Project list of unreached peoples? Well now you can print handy-dandy prayer cards focused on the particular select set you’re trying to feature. Just start here…


Arrange the filters at the top of the page then click “list” at the bottom of the box. Once you get your list the way you like it (with a manageable number… say… a few hundred?), click “prayer cards.” Bam. The new sub-routine will automatically prepare a PDF printable document with handy prayer cards focused on your select set. Thank you Dan and all the folks at JoshuaProject.net! (I recently decided I’d send them a $100 gift because they’re making available all this stuff for free, as a labor of love. They were GREATLY appreciative. Please consider doing the same if you have some extra pesos. And that’s completely unsolicited. They’re just great people doing a great work.)

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  1. Lara Heneveld Reply

    Bravo, Brigada, for the great shout-out for Dan, Bill, Duane and the gang there at JP. These men are humble, committed, talented, and irreplaceable. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, gentlemen! You are loved and appreciated!

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