lets prayHey… instead of complaining about the United Nations, what if we PRAYED for them? That was the question asked this past week by Kelly and Michele ODonnell, as the United Nations continued its work debating the sustainable development agenda that will impact so many for the next 15 years. We asked Kelly and Michele to lead us in a prayer for the U.N. and they graciously agreed to do so. Please join them and us now for a moment of partnered prayer:

“Lord of the Universe, Lord of all nations, Lord of all peoples, to you all creatures will bow and acknowledge your goodness and wisdom and power and love through Jesus Christ and His shed blood (Revelation 4, 5). We acknowledge that we can do nothing without You (John 15) and that we as humanity are in desperate need of You (Psalm 130). You are our refuge and our strength in time of need and always (Psalm 48). We pray specifically that you would guide the efforts of the sustainable development goals, as the member states of the United Nations and the many organizations in civil society work to eradicate poverty, safeguard dignity and justice, protect your wondrous creation, and promote wellbeing for all. Use your people Lord to help shape this process and help us as we work together on behalf of our troubled world. Unless You build the house, Lord, we labor in vain (Psalm 127). Lamb of God You take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us. For Your glory. Maranatha.”


(Kelly and Michele, you’re great — because you serve a great God and because … well, you’re just brilliant people. Thank you.)