Month: July 2014

2014/07/27 — Brigada Today

Edited by Doug Lucas; Published by Tina McCormick, Team Expansion Brigada online has more graphics and links at In this issue… 1) Wanted: Prayer Advocates for the Northern Dong of China 2) We Get Mail...

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2) We Get Mail

We regularly receive email from Brigada participants who are excited about the content and opportunities they see in Brigada Today. For example, this past week, Don wrote about “Hi Guys! Really appreciate the content of...

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3) Calling All Spanish Mobilization Materials?

Deborah, a long-time Brigada participant, inquired this last week about Spanish mobilization materials. Surely there must be plenty, seeing as how COMIBAM has been at it for so long? Can you refer us to any sites or specialists?...

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5) Training In Disciple Making/Personal Evangelism

John Hendee, a Team Expansion worker and the Chair of World Evangelism at Hope International University is teaching an on-line class that is designed to prepare Christian how to effectively share the Good News and then how to...

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7) Great new resource for understanding TCKs

Between Worlds, a new book about the joys and struggles of growing to adulthood as a Third Culture Kid (TCK), just came out. The author, Marilyn Gardner, grew up in Pakistan and went on to raise five of her own TCKs in Pakistan,...

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