TinyLetter_HowItWorksIt’s simple, it’s free, and it’s run by the people who run MailChimp (so it seems trustworthy enough on the outside). However, it’s true that the Terms of Use explain that they could begin charging at any time (even though they haven’t yet. Also, although it looks like you own the content, the Terms of Use do not seems to expressly say that they won’t use your list for future MailChimp ads. So I was wondering, has anyone tried TinyLetter and, if so, has it been working for you? If you aren’t using TinyLetter, if you would be so kind, could you please share what you HAVE been using to distribute your email newsletters and why? Many have just given up and bitten the bullet by going to a paid service like ConstantContact.com or iContact.com, or MailChimp.com itself. Your pick?