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In this edition:

In this issue…
1) Want an M.A. or D.Min. in Member Care?
2) Learn What Recruits are Searching For on your Website?
3) Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day? … or for the Winter?
4) Finally, Missionary Software Made Simple
5) One Year to the Least-reached and Unengaged!
6) Where Do You Turn for the Best Simple Maps?
7) Learn from Crisis Consulting International on Field Security
8) Where do you go for the Best Photo Site?
9) How Does Your Team/Org Store Digital Assets?
10) Put an End to Endless Email Scheduling Threads
11) What Would be Your Top 7 Books on Leadership
12) From Brigada Readers: Try Any.Do
13) With a Grateful Heart
14) The BackPage: is A Keeper
15) Closing Stuff