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Brigada Today 2014-03-30

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In this edition:

In this issue…
1) Want an M.A. or D.Min. in Member Care?
2) Learn What Recruits are Searching For on your Website?
3) Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day? … or for the Winter?
4) Finally, Missionary Software Made Simple
5) One Year to the Least-reached and Unengaged!
6) Where Do You Turn for the Best Simple Maps?
7) Learn from Crisis Consulting International on Field Security
8) Where do you go for the Best Photo Site?
9) How Does Your Team/Org Store Digital Assets?
10) Put an End to Endless Email Scheduling Threads
11) What Would be Your Top 7 Books on Leadership
12) From Brigada Readers: Try Any.Do
13) With a Grateful Heart
14) The BackPage: is A Keeper
15) Closing Stuff

1) Want an M.A. or D.Min. in Member Care? —

gradNow you can get one … at Columbia University. Learn more at…

The degree equips professionals who have demonstrated skill in providing ministerial and/or therapeutic care for missionaries. If you’d rather just get a set of courses, go to…

Redcliffe College offers an MA in Member Care too. Learn more at…

(Thanks to Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell for writing this past week to give us a heads-up on these training programs. Learn more about their latest book on Global Member Care at… )

2) Learn What Recruits are Searching For on your Website? —

searching to serveGlobal Mapping has recently produced a book entitled, “Searching to Serve: Recruiting Kingdom Workers Online.” The book offers real-world intelligence about how agency websites are perceived and what potential missionaries are looking for when they visit. Order it print-on-demand or in Kindle format at…

5) One Year to the Least-reached and Unengaged! —

unreachedWant to take the gospel to those who haven’t heard even once but discouraged by long training paths? Complete all your training in one year. Enroll in the January Discipleship Training School to develop your walk with God. Follow with the June School of Ministry Development and then the September School of Missions. Check out

They offer field internships at our Vision 2020 destinations. Check out

The next School of Missions starts 25 September 2014. You can also email
launchteamatywamorlandodotcom or call +1-407-273-1667.

6) Where Do You Turn for the Best Simple Maps? —

Brigada participant, Peter, wrote this past week to ask, “Where do you go to find a simple map when you are putting together a presentation? You’re not looking for fancy topographical stuff or lots of stuff already communicated. You’re just communicating to an audience where to find this country or city. You’ve got to find something where you’re not stepping on copyright, but you don’t have time to photoshop out all of someone else’s arrows and notes before you put in your own material. Where are the simple maps kept?” Can you help Pete out? If you have a favorite mapping site, please click “Comment” under the web version of this item. Thanks!

8) Where do you go for the Best Photo Site? —

photographyWe have reviewed these sites several times before, but vendors keep adding abilities so it’s probably worth revisiting now and again. Zenfolio recently added the ability to store RAW files and videos.

and SmugMug continues to surprise me in improving their interface and their offerings.

But what’s your favorite photo site and why? Just click Comment following the web version of this item and tell us where you go to store and display your best photos. Thanks in advance for taking time to share.

9) How Does Your Team/Org Store Digital Assets? —

oc5calendarWhere do you store your files, media, and more? Recently, our I.T. guy, Greg, has implemented a great install of…

Since it’s stored on our own servers, he doesn’t have to worry about who is reading all our stuff at night. And because he’s overseeing it himself, he can make sure it’s backed up and secure every minute of every day. We did spring for a fairly fast server for him, but our figures showed it will pay itself off in less than two years, when compared with renting hard drive space from an outside vendor (even if you trust their security). Have you tried OwnCloud? …or do you like something else? Share your testimony, please, by clicking Comment following the web version of this item. Thanks!

10) Put an End to Endless Email Scheduling Threads —

doodleR_smallThere are several of these scheduling assistants making their way around the web these days. Personally, it seems to me that…

is one of the simplest and best. Basically, it works like this: The administrator of the meeting uses the doodle site to create a poll. Doodle then gives that administrator two links: one for an administration panel, of sorts, and another for individual users to mark their best available time slots. Every time someone responds, the administrator receives a notifier email. The administration panel becomes a graphical representation of everybody’s responses. Once everyone has had a chance to respond, all the administrator has to do is find the time slot with the best likelihood of the most participants. It’s fairly simple since the visual chart is so graphical. At that point, the links can go idle. There are other options (for pay) at Doodle. I’ve used those before and they’re good too. But Doodle is doing us all a favor by maintaining the simpler, “link” approach as a free service. And in their privacy agreement, they promise not to send spam or sell the address to any 3rd parties. Pretty cool — for free. Other similar services include, Timebridge, good ole’ Survey Monkey, and, of course, Outlook’s own “meeting invite” email. The one service I would ask that you NOT use with me is the last one. I think it’s super-creepy that Outlook gives random emailers the chance to post things on my own private calendar so I have a near-religious conviction never to answer those. I just delete them on sight. Super weird powers that they gave random emailers. Someone in Redmond was asleep at the wheel.

11) What Would be Your Top 7 Books on Leadership —

250-words-logoWhen the world’s smart people list some of the best new books on leadership, the list looks something like this:

(Thanks for finding this list, Caleb.) But what about you? If YOU were to list some of the sharpest new books on leadership in your own opinion, which books would you recommend? Click “Comment” following the web version of this item and your peers will see your advice instantly.

12) From Brigada Readers: Try Any.Do —

anydo-photo-androidSeems simple enough all right. So simple, we might not have mentioned it. But because our readers liked it, we’ll recommend (on their behalf) that you glance at …

If a simplified interface helps you execute, then maybe this is precisely the best option for you. The secret is — finding something that works for you and your context then using it. (Thanks to Phil and others for mentioning it.)

14) The BackPage: is A Keeper —

bible studyIt’s got to be one of the best deals in town. We’ve mentioned it before, …

It’s the Holman Christian Standard Bible … but it’s a lot more than a regular Bible – and it’s all free. Point to any word and learn about the Hebrew or Greek. Hover over any footnote and see an explanatory pop-up. Check out the free word studies, dive into the topical concordance, look up terms in the free Bible dictionary, and even listen to videos and other media about each scripture. Bottom line: If you’ve got the bandwidth and access to the internet, the Holman Study Bible online is one of the best deals in town. In fact, if you register (also free), it’ll save your notes, highlighting, and all your accompanying work.

But maybe you have a similar site at some other Bible publishing house. I don’t know of many for this price. Do you? If so, please jot a note in the Comments after this item on the web. Thanks in advance for any resources you can share.

15) Closing Stuff–

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