I remember as a child, the most amazing Christmas present of all was to receive a shiny new tricycle or bicycle. In fact, I still have the tricycle I received as a Christmas gift, probably as a 3-year-old. Today, cycles still mean a lot… but the cycles I’m describing in my adult world are those which allow us new starts. They are the magical cycles of a new day, a new week, a new month, and now — a new year.

You see, we humans are fallible creatures. To be direct, we blow it. We mess up. We make mistakes. We hurt those we love, harm those who can’t fight back, and overlook those who need our attention. The good news is: Due to the cycles we get at times like Christmas/New Years, we get to start over.

It doesn’t have to take the form of a New Year’s resolution, although that works for some. It can also be an end-of-year confession. Or sometimes, it’s simply a prayer. No matter what, this is your natural, astronomical time to start over. The earth has traveled in a full circle around the sun (since we began 2013). We’re back at the same starting point now. So here’s your chance.

If you had a chance to start over, what would you change? If you had another go-round, what kind of new start would you desire? Because that’s exactly what you’ve got. Use the Comment box(es) following the online version of this item to leave (even an anonymous) comment, prayer, or testimony. Perhaps someone else will take strength from your new start. All identities will remain confidential. Thanks for being part of the Brigada family, Hope you had a joy-filled Christmas, and Please have a blessed and happy New Year!

Doug and the whole Brigada Family!