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In this edition:
1) This Week: Can you Help Christ’s Work Worldwide through Brigada?
2) During this New Year’s, please Say a Prayer for …
3) Suppose you Wanted to buy the Best Online Bible for a Friend?
4) Free Anthology of Brazilian Mission Poetry, Volume 2
5) Free Scripts for Brazilian Mission Theatre
6) Stay Up on Brazilian Missions with this Blog App
7) Where Are the Best Links to free Arabic Bibles for…
8) Let’s Learn from the Mapping Center
9) Learn to Coach Storyrunners Among the Unreached
10) Give Hope to Prisoners with The Prison Bible
11) Easyenglish And Easybibles Celebrate Recent Answered Prayers
12) Gear Up at TRAIN International
13) We Give Thanks…
14) The BackPage: The Wonder of New Cycles
15) Closing Stuff