solaveiWant unlimited talk and text for $29/mo? Unlimited data for another $10/mo? How about “pay what you can” for unlimited everything? Since before its September 2012 launch, Robby and Shane have experimented with Solavei’s referral program as a model for supplementing missionary support

(Solavei shares its profit with customers *WITHOUT* common MLM practices like high up front costs and expensive training.) Read Robby’s latest reflections on this experiment here:

“Better Business: Sharing Profits with Customers” and

“Turn 50%+ of your Mobile Bill into a Donation or Income”

Robby needs just a few more enrollments for a big monthly bonus. So he is ready to handle all the details of moving or starting your service, and discuss a “pay what you can” arrangement for those who contact him first
or 360 420-5634. By the way, the plan allows for unlimited international calling to Kazakhstan and 58 other countries for another $10/mo.