Month: September 2013

14) The BackPage: The Importance of Vision

While perusing a gloomy forecast by Forbes recently at… the thought occurred to me just how crucial it is that we maintain and, in fact,...

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15) Closing Stuff

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Brigada Today– 2013/09/08

Search Brigada’s 18+ years of archives — 100% ad-free due to gifts from True Fans of Brigada In this edition: 1) Thriving in Cross-Cultural Ministry (the Book) 2) Here are 23 Things to Know Before Going to the...

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4) Child Safety Bibliography Updated

In 2006, we carried an item that included information about child safety. We were grateful at the time for the work of the Leveringtons (who serve with Wycliffe International Counseling Ministries) for their great input....

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6) Additional Sources for Aquaponics Training

If you were looking for additional ways to bulk up on your aquaponics skills (what, you say, doesn’t everybody?), the discussion on the previous Brigada item sparked several. Find them at… 5) Aquaponics: I...

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7) Why Not Just Encode the Weblink in the Text?

Some have asked why Brigada doesn’t do what everybody else is doing these days… Why not just encode the weblink in the text so we don’t have these long URL’s with which to contend. In other words, most...

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9) More on Reaching the Unreached via the Web

In response to our referral to Dan Scribner’s article about “Facebooking Unreached Peoples,” one Brigada participant Global Media Outreach, on the web at… We’ve...

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11) Your Best Missions Sermon

Of all time, in the history of the world (or universe even), what’s the best missions sermon you’ve ever heard and why? If the transcript or recording is online somewhere, please provide a link if possible. Thanks in...

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12) For Missionary Retirement

We simply HAVE to help missionaries plan more effectively for their retirement. End of rant. But — how to do that? Are there portable retirement plans that you love (that won’t go belly up next year?)? If so, please...

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