What are some great examples of teamwork for you? I love watching these “Piano guys” at work. Check ’em out at…


I like it because everyone knows his role and he does it with precision and appreciation for the overall sound. I love it that they don’t seem dejected if they have a smaller “bit part” (like closing the lid on the piano? What kind of music does THAT make?).

But I also like it because, together, they accomplish more than any one of them could have done if taken separately — the definition of synergy. That’s the way all good teams should function, if they’re worth their salt.

Finally, I love it that it sounds GREAT! In other words, they’re all skilled — and if you take their efforts as a group, the outcome is fantastic. Great teams are actually more than great attitudes, although attitudes are super important. COMPETENCY matters too… and that’s probably a factor in your team too.

What models or examples of great teamwork have you seen lately? (Just click on “Comment” below, then enter your video. We’ll look forward to your input. (Thanks, All, for the tip-off on Piano Guys!)