Is it just my imagination, or have I encountered lately more than one set of church leaders who have become a bit … I don’t know… disenchanted with the outcome of too radical a response to “Radical” (the book)? The first couple of times I encountered it, I guess I brushed it off. Maybe those church leaders just weren’t spiritual enough. Or maybe they were whiners. :-) But then, after seeing it in multiple cases, am I starting to see a bit of push-back? See if you’ve spotted any of these trends in your own world, among Radical-readers:

*** A tendency to become a bit overly-judgmental (even overly-critical?) of those who “just don’t get it” — You can spot this situation because those who have fully bought into the book will be complaining (not just a little) about those who haven’t. I have to wonder if this expanding divide is healthy.

*** Disrespecting church buildings — Isn’t it ironic that the author of Radical, who criticizes mega-churches, big budgets, and big buildings still preaches at a mega-church, has a big budget, and a big building? (Set your favorite search engine to search images, and type in “church at brook hills.”) Is it any wonder that I’m seeing some Radical-push-back from certain church staffers who were previously hoping to build a bit of momentum for a new auditorium? I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t sharpen our pencils prior to each new capital campaign. But nor am I convinced that every church building is directly from Satan, either.

*** Sermons on books instead of on Bible passages — Of course, this isn’t limited just to Radical readers, but, does anybody else wish we could get back to sermons that are based on real in-depth Bible passages, rather than people who are preaching through chapters of trendy books?

Keep in mind, I’m only asking the questions. You’ll have to give me the answers in the Comment boxes that follow the web version of this item. And please don’t assume that I’m anti-‘Radical.’ The book has done much to call churches back to an interest in world evangelism. I’m only asking — are we seeing a bit of backlash here?