This past week, Robby wrote, “A friend of mine works in a country with restricted access to certain titles through Amazon. He wanted Any-3, so I tried buying the Kindle version here and sending him a gift certificate, but he couldn’t download it. I contacted Amazon support and they provided the solution below. My friend was then able to download the book I purchased for him AND shop Amazon without restriction.” Here’s the solution Amazon provided:

Kindle features and content availability may vary by your country or region. You can view and change your country settings from the Manage your Kindle page on your computer or from the Store Settings screen on your Kindle. From your computer:

1. Visit Manage Your Kindle (
2. From the left navigation, click Country Settings.
3. Under Current Country, click Change to select an existing address or enter a new address.

Note: If you live in a region that has multiple available sites to shop on, you can also change your preferred marketplace from your Kindle. From the Store Settings screen, select Change next to Where would you
like to shop? Follow the on-screen instructions to change your preferred marketplace.

(Thanks Robby!)