11) Looking for Bible Software?

Logos is still the benchmark, the standard by which everything else is judged. True, they offer a gift to Brigada if you purchase a package, but do your own study: If you can afford them, they constantly come back with the best ratings. Learn more at…


You can reportedly do 50 hours’ worth of old-fashioned parsing in seconds, using Logos. You can study anywhere (even on your mobile device). And you can glean from original language stuff without having to go to seminary. Try it out. If you’re not happy, I bet they’ll give you your money back. If you’d like them to help Brigada after your purchase, be sure to give them the coupon code “Brigada5” at checkout. We understand you save 15% in the process.

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  1. Howard Lisech Reply

    For Mac users Accordance is the absolutely best Bible software today. We have used it since the beginning. Some seminaries are changing in order to use it.

    It’s also been available in a PC emulator for 10 years, but I think they are coming out in 2013 with a PC version.


    Check them out!

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