Month: February 2013

15) Closing Stuff

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1) Need Something from a Past Issue of Brigada?

Actually, the search engine at is really fast. And although we write Brigada first as pieces of Word documents, it’s actually faster, even for us here at the office, to search Brigada’s website than it is to search...

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2) Orlando School of Storying, April 7 – 12, 2013

Here’s a pivotal event for churches working with unreached people groups or wanting to work with them!  Visit for more information about sending 1 or 2 representatives to the Orlando SOS.  There...

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3) Discipleship Training School on a Large Yacht

Ever wanted to do a Youth With A Mission Discipleship (YWAM) Training School (DTS) but were not sure which one to do, or where?  Ever thought it would be incredible to sail around the Mediterranean in a large yacht for 4...

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5) Update on Megasite

Last edition, we mentioned that a worker from the Muslim world had informed us about a promising site for online file storage and backup. We asked for your feedback and some of you responded — and it wasn’t all...

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6) My Topo Map Might Help You with a Hike

In your work, do you, at times, end up having to take a hike? If so, check out My Topo Map and Trimble Outdoors Navigator to see if there are maps available for your home area. They’re available for both Android and iOS...

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