Pray for...

Pray for…

*** A Brigada donor who requests our prayer for Children’s Ministries in Spain.
*** Another Brigada donor who requested prayer for a friends’ network in N India.


Thanks Bruce!
*** Another donor was thankful for the Evangelical Training Directory,


endorsed by the World Evangelical Alliance as a central database of evangelical training worldwide. All evangelical training providers can register free of charge. It aims to be the “one stop shop” for evangelical training. It has interfaces in 24 languages.
*** Another donor who asked that we “pray for God to send …dozens of new workers to catalyze movements among 24 unengaged Mekong Region UPGs in partnership with Mission to Unreached Peoples:


*** Another donor who wrote, “Thank you so much for The Brigada Today. What a blessing it is to read.  So much wonderful information.” God be praised!
*** Another Brigada donor who gave $100 in the name of Good News Productions International, Joplin, MO.
*** A final donor gave ___ in the name of technical training for ministries providing water as a platform for presenting the Gospel.

offers both well-drilling and hand pump repair classes.


(formerly Edge Outreach not far from our location here in Louisville) offers training on water purification technologies.  Both services offer classes on “community hygiene.”

All of these donors have helped Brigada regularly promote, inspire, and inform others about needs, trends, motivation and resources related to unreached peoples worldwide. We’re grateful!!!!!!!! .. and we celebrate their respective favorite causes.

This wraps up our 2012 budget year. (Gifts arriving in the future will now apply toward the $17,120 we’re seeking to meet 2013 budget needs. This amount has stood exactly the same, without inflation, for as long as anyone can remember. :-) ) Again, thank you for making Brigada possible!