Year: 2012

4) Online Video Counseling Available to Missionaries

Care Port Counseling is an online video counseling ministry to those who work outside their home country, whether in missions or humanitarian aid. Donations subsidize the counseling, so fees are minimal. Besides counseling, Care...

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5) Learn a New Language in 22 Hours?

Well, maybe not EXACTLY. But according to the guy in this story.. using this approach, you might be able to learn 1000 common words in a language in...

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6) Never Do Fundraising Again

That’s the title of a book referred to me recently by Kelly O’Donnell and Michèle Lewis O’Donnell. The book, by Gaylyn Williams, asks readers to make a mental paradigm shift, resulting in a major shift in action steps, in...

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7) Regroup in the Swiss Alps

“Breathe” is a 10-day retreat intentionally created for the renewal and encouragement of North American and Western European singles, couples and families who serve in cross-cultural settings. Breathe is led by Dr....

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8) TESOL training in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Asia’s Center for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) conducts intensive, five-week courses leading to a TESOL certificate.  This certificate is supported by Cornerstone University of Grand Rapids,...

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10) Run Away with Runway Languages

Runway Languages is a new online language learning tool based on the Language Acquisition Project created by Dwight Gradin at Mission Training International. Runway currently offers Mandarin...

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11) Eurasia Minority Language Media Consultation

The Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation (EMDC) is a multi-agency consultation that now meets on an annual basis (one year in Asia, the next in Europe). Minority language workers, in the greater Eurasia region, meet...

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13) Would you help us Finish Well?

Has God placed you in a position to help underwrite Brigada, maybe on behalf of one hundred readers in a developing land in which they can’t currently send a gift? This past week, we received $570, which brings our 2012...

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