Year: 2012

15) Closing Stuff

Subscription Information – Just fill out the easy form, upper right. To Submit An Item — Click “Submit an item” in the top-line menu. Disclaimer – We can’t screen ‘em all. Please forgive us if a particular site contains...

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1) New at

Merry Christmas, from! *** If you had lost your subscription to Brigada, the email version, we hope you’re restored with this email. Welcome back. *** You can now subscribe to comments, either as you post a...

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3) “How do I subscribe to Brigada?”

It’s easy: Just browse to… Brigada Today then in the upper right, plug in your email address (required) and your name (optional). Then click “Sign up!” That’s it. It’s that easy. If...

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9) Asia’s Center for TESOL Invites You

Asia’s Center for TESOL invites you to TESOL training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, February 25-March 29. Asia’s Center for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) conducts intensive, five-week courses...

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11) Do you have a “When Helping Hurts” Story?

In 10 days, I have to teach a workshop at a conference in Phoenix on the topic of church-planting via neighborhood transformation approaches (otherwise known as Community Health Evangelism or CHE). First, to learn more about...

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12) We Give Thanks

… for Asbury United Methodist, in Tulsa, who sent $200 to undergird Brigada on behalf of unreached peoples throughout the globe. Thanks!!! … for $115 from South Dakota! God bless you! … for $100 from an...

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13) Your Opportunity to Step up to the Plate

Together, these gifts add up to $515, and when summed with our previous giving throughout 2012, it all adds up to $10708.17, leaving just $6412 left to meet our budget for 2012. There’s just one edition remaining —...

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