In a market dominated by the likes of ebook giants such as Amazon and Kindle, Vyrso: Christian Ebooks is entering the fray with a quiver full of features that could send mass marketing powerhouses running for the hills. Launched late last year by Logos Bible Software, Vyrso has already won a couple honors — a Communicator Award and a Summit Creative Award for the innovation it brings into the ebook world. Now the ambitious ebook platform is taking on the competition with a few of its secret weapons. Vyrso’s ebook store and ereader app were designed for book enthusiasts who want to experience their books — not just read them as scanned copies. The ereader app is loaded with features that many others don’t bring to the plate. Among the arsenal attached to Vyrso’s belt are cloud-synced notes and highlighting and instant pull-up Bible verses, accessible via tap-through Scripture references. Other features include the ability to cross-library search, copy & paste, use split-screen capability, and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Vyrso also interconnects with the power of Logos 4’s Bible study tools, giving access to tens of thousands of electronic Christian resources with a single tap. Only time will tell the outcome of this battle, but if cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features provide any indicator, Vyrso has a few stones stacked and ready for today’s eGoliaths.


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