What do you get when you cross a hacker with a con artist? It’s actually quite like a cyberterrorist, except without the bomb. The hacker will try to “break into your online mailbox,” by stealing your password (or guessing it). Sometimes you’ll be duped or tricked into giving it through some well-meaning “app” at Yahoo.com or some other social networking site. (Warning: Never, never, never give your email password to any other application.) Armed with your log-on credentials, the hacker next changes your password, then writes everyone in your online address book, pretending to be you! The really slick hackers (the cyberterroist types) will even read something about your relationships with your most important and closely-related associates. Then they’ll custom-tailor an appeal, asking for money because you’ve been traveling overseas (or something similar) and someone has just stolen your wallet. They usually try to talk your friends into putting the money (gifts) straight into some off-shore account and, bam, just like that, your entire address book is fleeced. :-( Again, the moral of the story: When will we all wise up: Let’s never ever give out our email password!