I’ve asked before about your take on Kony 2012. (See…




Well this week they mounted the sequel. Their purpose was to answer their critics, as well as to continue to develop their promotional theme for “Cover the Night,” a vision to make Kony famous — or rather, to get the word out on how much damage he’s caused for the people of Uganda, South Sudan, and neighboring lands. See the new video at…




I get all kinds of responses when I ask for input. (See the 16+ comments following the item above.) Some have said that the majority of his evil has faded and that he’s not really a big factor any more. Others say that Christians shouldn’t waste their time on non-spiritual responses like Invisible Children, preferring instead to be focused on church-related responses. Still others believe that, either way, the guy is up to no good and that he should indeed be hunted down and tried in court.


So — What’s your take on the whole thing? I go back and forth. Once, during a visit to villages in South Sudan, an LRA contingent marched by along the perimeter of the huts. I’ll admit, it was creepy. Most of the kids looked 14, yet they were all carrying guns. The people were obviously nervous about it, but nobody felt empowered to do anything about it. It definitely felt like a form of intimidation, yet they didn’t really interact with the village I was visiting. But… maybe they were essentially just making their presence known, you know? What’s your take — on the new video especially? Do you feel like they made their case? Should church youth groups get involved? Just click “Comment” below this item’s posting on the web, using the link below. And thanks in advance for sharing your opinion (anonymously, if you desire).