Do you have a favorite review site for iPhone apps? Robby, a great friend of Brigada (one of the best, in fact!), shared this online site in a recent email:


(That URL will “wrap.” If you have trouble reassembling it in your browser’s URL box, just find this item on Brigada’s site on the web, using the link below, you can click on it there.)


Note that in several of these review-type sites, the comments *after* the main article are a treasure trove in and of themselves. For example, in the above review, there are several helpful apps mentioned (among several not-so-helpful comments). Like usual, “eat the corn, leave the cob.”


Maybe you have a different favorite reviewer. “The 50 best iPhone apps of 2011” or “10 Apps You Dare Not Live Without.” If so, please use the “Comment” box below to pass along your favorite. Thanks, in advance, for sharing! (And thank *you*, Robby!)