Seems like, by now, we’d have this down pat. But in a recent conversation with a good friend, his response came back like this: “I fear we are still mobilizing Americans to go to countries where colonialism and recent foreign policy has pretty much burned the bridges for Americans to serve there. People in the heart of the Muslim world are in their hearts resistant to Good News when delivered by Americans.  How do we better utilize the money from the West but send workers from cultures closer to those where the remaining UUPGs live?” No my response was, “It varies. In some parts of the Muslim world, we might be despised. But in other parts, they constantly say, “You are American? You are my friend. You might not be the friend of my government, but — hey — I’m not a friend to my government either!”


So what’s your take? Are you in the first camp? (the “bridges are burned,”) or the second (“You’re American? You’re my friend.”). Which do you believe most accurately portrays the people where you live? To respond, just click in the “Comment” box below. And thanks, in advance, for sharing your opinion.