I continue to rediscover it over and over again: The secret to the future of world mission is buried deeply within the membership of the local churches in your city, state and region. For example, just take Northside Christian in Fresno, CA. They’re building a great missions ministry from the ground up. In fact, they’re staging a Bible Storying Seminar in early August.  You will learn how to effectively tell stories from the Bible and you will learn a simple process for getting your audience to find spiritual truths and application just from the Bible. You can choose the 1-day, 3-day, or 5-day version — the choice is yours. Download the PDF brochure at…




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Now think about it: Here’s a local church, unleashed to serve, multiplying their ministry over and over again. They recently flew their Missions Pastor across the country to help us with another event in which we sought to replicate their model into the lives of other churches. Thanks, in part, to the help their Missions Pastor gave, over 60 Catalysts pledged to try to influence their respective local church to adopt an unreached people group. Learn more at…




So here’s my question: If we know that the magic is in the local church, why do missions organizations end up thinking it’s all about them? The more I ponder it, the more excited I am about linking local churches together with one another, seeking to spark the fires of their imaginations with the realities of the many spiritual wastelands around the planet, then asking God to help us throw gas on their fire. Basically, that’s what I want to do when I grow up. See the one-minute video version at:




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