If you’ve made the jump to iPhone or Android (I’m still fighting it :-) ), check out this expense tracker discovered by Brigada’s Uganda Correspondent, Lissa. :-)




Lissa writes, “I’ve been writing my expenses in a little notebook I carry around in my purse with me everywhere, and it gets pretty worn out and the pages start falling out. Toshl lets you pick your currency and create your own “tags” (expense accounts), so it’s really easy to categorize expenses as you go. … The app syncs online so even if I lose my iPod, my data should still be there. … The website lets you log in and see graphs of your expenses and export it. In the free version, you can only see one type of graph (bar graph by expense category) and can only export is as a CSV file, but I don’t really need any more than that. So far I’m impressed.” (Thanks Lissa!… and Thanks Vince, who evidently showed it to Lissa in the first place.)