missionmakrMissionMakr.com allows churches and mission organizations the ability to build and launch their short-term trip online using drag and drop widgets made just for missions. Created by Robert and Caleb, two guys who have worked in both ministry and missions, MissionMakr follows the natural progression of a short-term trip: Launch, GearUP, GO! And Tell. Each phase allows you to connect with all the people who touch your short-term trip. People who want to go on your trip sign up as a Pending MissionMembr. Once approved, MissionMakr charges one Credit ($18-25) based on the number of people going. MissionSupportrs can sign up to follow your trip at no cost. When you’re on your trip, you can communicate using both a browser and an email equipped phone or mobile device. Learn more here:


They also operate a blog that is devoted to helping people communicate short-term missions.


You can request an online demo or contact Robert toll free inside at 1.877.290.4017. (Thanks for referring them to Brigada, Marti… and thanks for all your work at Missions Catalyst