Month: October 2010

1) Let Lausanne III Begin! —

“Let Lausanne III Begin!” That was Doug Birdsall’s proclamation at the end of a Sunday Night opening extravaganza in Cape Town, South Africa. OK… it wasn’t the Olympics or World Cup. But at the same...

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2) Tables are ‘in’ —

Imagine a hall filled with 4000 delegates and 800 stewards plus 100 or so guests. Now imagine them all sitting at tables, six per table. That’s the consistent look of the main plenary sessions. Why? I think one reason is...

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6) The Dancers liven the Place up —

OK… granted… I’m not sure I’ll convince the elders of my local church to book these folks any time soon, but as for me, they’re in. Whether they’re dancing around an imaginary wall,...

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7) Os Guinness is the Bomb —

I’m serious. Give this guy 8 minutes and he can leave you with more pregnant quotes than a maternity ward. Where does he come up with this stuff? Do these things wake him up in the middle of the night, or is he just a...

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9) Antoine Rutayisire Impacted us —

He pointed out that, in his native Rwanda, 1  million Tutsi tribal people were killed in less than 100 days. It was the worst genocide of the 20th century. Yet here’s the shocker: This happened at a time when over 90% of...

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