That’s what Amy said, Tech Squad Manager for the Congress. “This is an unprecedented level of Internet usage for the country of South Africa, even more than when the World Cup was here,” she told the “Cape Town Today,” the daily newsletter handed to congress delegates. What can we conclude from this fact? That the nearly-5000 people at Lausanne III were some of the most internationally-connected people ever gathered under one South African roof. Duh. They came from 199 countries, which represents one of the most diverse crowds ever assembled *anywhere*. What’s more, each person is a leader back home. (As a result, all were likely Facebooking with their team members. :-) ) On top of all that, hackers were trying to undercut the congress at every turn. Either way, at the end of the day, Lausanne was victorious: The words of the conference went forward. Good overcame evil. Bloggers overcame hackers.