I’m not kidding.

Take a look at…


Believe it or not, they have the equivalent of a giant machine that receives your PDF, prints it, binds it, and spits it out the other side. A human has to package your book(s) for shipping… but everything else is super-automated. As a result, you get that “new printing smell” fresh off the press… (like *yesterday*). And the cool part is, they’ll also drop-ship your book directly to the person ordering it. So it’s kinda like you have your own publishing company? Right now, it’s all black and white, but they hope to introduce color this fall. I asked them for a sample to check the quality. It was *almost* as good as a “big publisher.” The best part: The prices are amazingly reasonable, especially for what you get… like… a 100-page book might run $4, shipped to you next day, complete with shiny color cover. I like it — a lot. (Thanks for the tip, US Center for World Missions!) :-)