Month: October 2009

2) Get Help with Int’l Health Insurance Options

Good Neighbor Insurance has provided an extensive library of articles on understanding international health insurance, a large glossary of insurance terms and an excellent section on medical advice for the overseas traveler....

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5) EFL Workbooks for Christian Studies

These workbooks are designed for learners of English who need to improve their reading comprehension in order to perform effectively in Bible colleges and seminaries that require extensive reading in English. The intention is...

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6) Personal Growth Conference for Missionaries

6 openings remain for Caring for Others’ next Personal Growth Conference for Missionaries. But better act fast: It’s slated for November 1-6th. Imagine a conference where attendees actually confer with each other. No...

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7) Learn to Teach English as a Second Language

TESOL is a course for aspiring ESL teachers.  Many English speakers working cross-culturally find that teaching ESL can provide a wonderful door of opportunity, but speaking English in itself does not make them skillful...

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8) Work Among Four Unreached People Groups

Would you like to work among unreached people groups for a year but don’t have much of any financial support – No Problem! Don’t have specialized training – No Problem! Don’t know how to get...

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