edenvigilDaniel wrote this past week to tip us off to a new organization…


Gotta love it. They aren’t a sending organization. Rather, they work *with* sending organizations to train, prepare, and send you as an “eco-missionary.” Suddenly, it’s ok to be a tree-hugger! :-) They’ve partnered with another group…


which will come to your church and do a seminar on creation care. (See their great video there, by the way.) Now before you scoff about tree-huggers, give this some thought. How might this concept serve you or your platform as a creative and effective means of gaining access to a previously sealed-off location. And… could it be that Al Gore might end up not only inventing the internet :-) , but also help us all reach the unreached? :-) Love it. I’m signing up today. :-)

But seriously… there’s something to this. If we’re poisoning creation, is there not a sin problem here somewhere? I’m going to ask the guy to come do a seminar at Emerald Hills and try to get everybody in town to come. :-) Join me. (Thanks Daniel!)