If you’re looking for good missions narrative for a class, an adult Bible Fellowship, or just good airplane reading, check out “Look Out for the Headhunters” and “Between Two Rivers” by C. Brandt Smith Jr. These books are 146 and 104 pages respectively, so they’re easy reads. There’s lots of white space and quite a few pictures scattered throughout the pages, some in color. The author has a way of drawing you into the narrative — and although the storyline is personal, you feel as if you’re there. You can imagine being there as Dr. Smith uses chronological story-telling, along with pictures drawn in the dirt, to share the simple Good News of Christ. And the “Between Two Rivers” book includes countless true stories from two years at the front lines. Order them today to travel there with the author. For more information, see


and you can even order the first of the two from Amazon

Great work, Brandt and Galia!