Month: September 2009

1) Check out Nebraska Christian

Because NCC seeks to prepare servants who can represent Christ anywhere in the world, NCC’s mission program seeks to develop – Flexible cross-cultural skills – ready to go where He sends. Adaptable language...

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2) Download this free article by John Maxwell

Here’s your chance to grab a 192K article for free by John Maxwell. Learn 4 types of planning, find out why people don’t plan, pick up some qualities of principle-centered planning, and explore 7 key principles that...

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5) Searching For Protocols Governing Sabbaticals

Does your church or organization have a policy governing when/how employees can take sabbaticals? For example, do they need to have served 6 years? … 7? 10? Do they get 3 months? … 6 months? 1 year? Do they have to...

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6) Spanish course by missionaries for missionaries

Roca Blanca Spanish Language School teaches Spanish within the context of the largest concentration of unreached people groups in the Western Hemisphere! In Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca, there are 16 major language...

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8) Thanks for Helping Make Brigada Happen

We’re grateful to those who help pay the bills, on behalf of all Brigada subscribers. This past week, we received $100 from an anonymous donor at Nebraska Christian College, $25 from anonymous donor in California, another...

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9) Help Brigada Keep Churning

Want to be a part of the crowd that gives to keep Brigada going? Just click on one of the “Donor” links at the top of this page. Both are safe, the one with PayPal and the other with one of the most well-known...

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11) Closing Stuff

Subscription Information — Important! Please don’t just hit “reply”. Subscriptions are automated. First, you need to determine the mailing source of your individual copy of Brigada Today. We’re now...

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2) Great New Book On Biblical Storytelling

Now you can get Telling God’s Stories with Power for just $8.10 instead of $17.99 (the offer is good only until Oct. 31st).  This book is a complete and practical introduction to storying, especially for people who want to...

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3) Suddenly, it’s OK to be a Tree-hugger :-)

Daniel wrote this past week to tip us off to a new organization… Gotta love it. They aren’t a sending organization. Rather, they work *with* sending organizations to train, prepare, and send...

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4) Learn more about Member Care for Free

Hats off to Kelly and Michele O’Donnell for making available to Brigada readers (at no charge) the text of their landmark book, “Missionary Care: Counting the Cost.” Access it by going online to Missioary Care...

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