Now you can get it. An anonymous Brigada participant tipped us off to this off-the-beaten-path course in Lancaster, PA, Feb 7 and 8, 8:30am-4:30pm est each day. It’s designed by a retired Emergency Physician with 35 years of Trauma, EMS/ Rescue, and instructional experience. The methods and techniques taught are derived from over 10 years of front-line trauma care in an urban gangland zone and over 35 years of medical practice in environments as diverse as remote underground in caves (delayed evacuation to surface of 20 hrs), on the side of remote hills (48 hr bivouac in “whiteout” conditions), and at sea. The topics seem to include just about everything you can imagine in the wilderness, suturing, wound debridement, dealing with burns, eye injuries, splints, heat exhaustion and a whole lot more. Note that this is a non-certification course for information only. For more information, please write directly to