Day: December 28, 2008

2008/12/28 — Brigada Today

“Brigada: Since 1995… Buckets full of Resources, Trends, Challenges — all in a weekly e-zine & website…”Compiled by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion, Louisville, KY(Almost caught up!)In this...

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1) Welcome To The Ultimate Catch-Up Brigada

Thanks for your patience as we caught up during the Brigada Today Marathon 2008! Resolution for 2009: [drum roll] Try our best to stay on time. (Those that have been on board since 1995 are saying, “Yeah right.” :-)...

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Without a doubt, the Brigada story that seemed to garner the most interest was the series we did on “Cool Tools” for traveling missionaries. See the refreshed version, which we’ll try to keep up to date in the...

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4) Switching To "The New Format Brigada"

2008 was the year we finally switched formats… from the text-heavy web page, more-or-less built with simple HTML code, to the more graphical and tool-assisted format you find now at… you...

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5) Tremendous Surge In "Holistic Outreaches"

Medical, developmental, urban, and job-wise… Brigada participants in 2008 yearned for real change in people. Whenever we would mention church planting, folks would be glad. (51 “tags” for 2008.) But when we...

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6) Missionary-Types Love Their Tools

Some 200 items dealing with technology (VPNs, for example), Facebook, webinars, another couple of hundred on training, dozens more on software, … the list goes on. The missionary enterprise (and Brigada in particular) seem...

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7) We Learned The "Bam" Wasn’t Just A Noise

Business as Missions (and tentmaking) are definitely at the top of the heap of topics these days. The previous nice-and-neat little titles and “boxes” that helped us divide “Missions” from “secular...

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8) The Year Orality Swept Through Like A Storm

Storytelling has been around long before Jesus walked through the gates of Jerusalem. It was just that… in 2008… the rest of the church seemed to pick up on the fact that storytelling (“Orality”) made...

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10) Some Of What Did *Not* Happen In 2009

Before we totally step away from this reflective mood, don’t forget to by honest with yourself about did *not* happen in 2008 Brigada-world.*** We didn’t go out of business or cease operations*** We didn’t...

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11) We Came Very Close To Making Budget

For the first year ever, Brigada will more than likely make it out of 2008 *exactly* on budget, thanks to many kind-hearted people… and a great campaign idea (unsolicited, by the way) from Justin Long. We received a check...

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13) The Backpage: What Would *You* Write About

Here’s your chance: If you were writing the last BackPage editorial for 2008, what would you say? Guess what: You can! Just click “Comment” below this item and, within reason, write about *anything*. (Yes,...

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