6) Still Using Windows? Me Too. Join Me At This Site

I know, I know. Many of your friends have fled to MAC’s… and you constantly wonder if you should join them. But you can’t quite help but notice that lots of people are still left on Windows too. Sure — MAC users have multiplied by a factor of 4 times over just in the past 18 months, all of which means that now, there are 9.1% using MAC’s, instead of 2.1% like before.

So that means there are a lot of people (9 out of 10) that are still like you and me: they’re using Windows. Are there unhappy days for us? Sure. But is there hope? Of course! Just look at:


It’s an entire website dedicated to helping you fix those little things that get under your skin! :-) Take a look at the list of fixes at:


Those “sigh” sounds you hear are the exhales of relief from your friends, finding out how to tie up that nagging loose end! :-) Try it. We just might learn to like it. :-) (Confession: I can’t really understand all the whining about Vista. I’m a happy Vista camper.)

By the way, for you MAC users — there’s hope for you too. O’Reilly has released a whole book of fixes for you, entitled, fittingly, “‘Mac Annoyances’: How to Fix the Most Annoying Things About Your Mac.” See it at
or on Amazon by searching for the title.

Got a nagging annoyance on your particular operating system? Jot a note about it by clicking “Comment” just below this item on the web. Consider it “debriefing” or “missionary care” or something like that. :-)

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