A missionary in South America has compiled a great collection of quotes that seek to incite a conspiracy of single-minded focus on Christ. We sometimes forget that it’s all about *him*. If you would like to download a free copy, you can get it in either of two forms. First, directly from the author, he makes it available in zip form at his mediafire site — as a 1.7 meg file. (Note: With all due respect to the contributor, to make sure it wasn’t virus-laden, I scanned it first with my paid and up-to-date Norton Internet Security. It indicated no virus.) On top of the zip, his original file URL is so long, it “wraps”, so I’ve saved it here using tinyURL:


This relay address will take you to a mediafire site with a link that says, “Click here to download.” The whole thing might be a bit unnerving for some folks, so just in case, I’ve also placed it *unzipped* at my DivShare file storage site. Unzipped, however, it’ll be a 5-meg download… but if you have broadband and don’t care, you might prefer seeing what you’re downloading. In that case, just click here:


Or copy the above Divshare link to your browser’s URL address line.

You’ll see a prompt with the file name (ending in .PDF). Click “Save” to save the 5-meg PDF to your hard drive.
I think you’ll like this *free* resource to Brigada readers. It’s formatted in a very unique and lovely way… and filled with inspirational quotes that you’ll be able to use in countless sermons. (Thanks Jurgen! What a good sport — in the true spirit of Brigada!)