The Master Design (a Christian book publisher) is offering a special book set of four titles for only $14.95 plus shipping. Only 1000 sets are available. This set includes
Dr Greg Frizzell’s, “How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life,”
Dr Rowland Myburgh’s (missionary in South Africa), “Holiness – Right Living in Post Modern Society,”
Bertha Smith’s (missionary to China for over 40 years), “How the Spirit Filled My Life,” and
Dr Rob Finley’s “Recapturing the Biblical Epic of Prayer.” Sold separately, this set would cost you nearly $24. As a set, it costs $14.95. Master Design will donate $.50 to Brigada for each set sold from now through the end of January 2009. Check it out at

(Thanks Faithe and all the Master Design folks!!)