Would you, your group, or your church be willing to step up to the plate to become a “True Fan” of Brigada by giving or pledging $100? We only need 17 more… (because each of those 17 gifts will be doubled thanks to the visionary international church in the Middle East… and the entire $3331.75 will be covered. As far as I recall, this would be the first time ever in history that we would actually break even! For example, in 2006, we needed 16,650 and we rec’d $15,096. That was very close. Last year we needed $17,150 and rec’d $14,218.90. Wouldn’t it be something if we actually *made* it??? All we need are 17 more people. If by some miracle, there are *more* than 17, we won’t spend more in 2008. We’ll apply any overage to 2009 — and our 2009 budget is already pegged at exactly the same amount as for 2008 ($17,150). By the way, if we should happen to cover all of 2009 expenses in January 2009 :-), we won’t mention money for the entire rest of the *year*!!! :-)