Here’s an author who wants “to be a blessing to those who are a blessing!!” He has followed and served Jesus for over 40 years as a pastor, evangelist and professor. At the end of his ministry he wants to encourage the Body of Christ by providing free all of his Bible studies!
1. over 8,000 pages of verse by verse exegesis
2. over 500 videos of verse by verse exegesis
3. over 800 audios of verse by verse exegesis
4. both OT & NT Surveys
5. a seminar on Biblical Interpretation (printed manual & video or audio format-8 hours)
6. Alphabetical, Indexed, Lexical, Grammatical, Historical & Theological Topics. Check them out at

It is his prayer that these studies will be thought provoking and
spiritually stimulating. If they are helpful in your personal Bible study, please pass on the website to the members of your family, church and ministry. He is currently producing a new CD-rom which includes all of his printed Bible studies in English as well as several translations. You can see the preliminary form at

If you would like a free copy when it is ready just email him at

(He’s a retired professor of Hermeneutics in Marshall, Texas. See his overall website at: