The Oshiwambo, of which the Mbalantu are a part, homestead had many traditional practices, many of which are still followed today. One of these involved the setting of a new homestead for a young man and his first wife. The first thing to be done was making a fire at the place where the kraal (cattle enclosure) would be located. This fire was extremely important because it symbolized holiness, strength, protection and prosperity for the homestead. The fire cannot be lit from elsewhere and brought to the new homestead but must be made from spinning a stick from the homestead against flat wood from a tree on the homestead. If fire were brought in, it would bring bad evils to the homestead. Please pray for the Mbalantu peoples. Pray for workers to come and “light the fire” in the homelands of the Mbalantu. Pray that they will be consumed with the true holy fire that can only come from the Holy Spirit. Pray that they will soon come to know that the only protection from the Evil One is Jesus Christ. Please pray for the Mbalantu. To learn more how to pray for the Mbalantu, please visit