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Welcome to the May 4th Edition of Brigada!

We’ve received a ton of great feedback (very encouraging feedback, in fact), which tells us that the “Web 2.0” version is quite popular among our 10,000 or so Brigada participants. However, we also received multiple requests to still bundle the text of our items along with the emailed “table of contents” (TOC) message.

So that’s exactly what we’ll do!

Take note — with this edition of Brigada we officially switch to a *Sunday* publication date! Can you believe it? After publishing on Fridays for 13 years? Sundays will work better with the infrastructure we’re building at the https://brigada.org/ site. After all, Sundays are the first day in the week! :-) Forgive any inconvenience with the switch in publication dates!

Here’s the Table of Contents for the May 4th issue:

Two Great Mission Books!

Here are two of the greatest missions books you can buy:

*** Missions in the 21st Century ($7)

*** Today’s All-Star Missions Churches ($9)

Funny, I rec’d this note from the author — then almost immediately began hearing about the very same books from some dynamite missions practitioners. Based on what I’m hearing, we should all *run*, not walk, to order these 2008 catalogue books. Furthermore, as a Brigada special for both, the author is disounting both books, when ordered together, for $15 postpaid.

To order, just mail a check to:
Tom Telford
PO Box 50400
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Coaching Training For Church Multiplication

Empowerment, transformation, and innovation take skill to produce. Here’s a 60-hour Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program, a unique training for mission leaders integrating Biblical values, professional coaching skills, and cross-cultural ministry. Learn in person and by telephone. There are courses in Singapore in October 2008, Anaheim, California in November 2008, and Burgundy, France in June 2009. Save US$450 by registering by registering early. Go to
for details. Or email
creativeresultsmanagement(dot)com (Replace “at” with @, “dot” with ., then reassemble the email address onto one line.)

Strategy Coordinators Needed for SE Asia

Is God calling you to invest your life in reaching an unreached group within this region of S.W. China, or S.E. Asia? There are beckoning opportunities in the Mekong Region of Laos, Myanmar, China and Thailand. Check out

mekongministries.com (Replace “at” with @, “dot” with ., then reassemble the email address onto one line.)

Learn TESL in Palawan

Asia’s Center for TESOL will be conducting another 5-week intensive TESOL teacher training program on the Island of Palawan in the Philippines from August 4 to Sept 6, 08. This course is accredited by Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids Mi. USA. The course is 140 hours and includes a 20 hour teaching practicum. Course fees are $375 for Expats and P8000 for Philipinos, or $200 for other developing nations citizens. Browse
or Jurene at


actesol(dot)com for more information. (Replace “at” with @, “dot” with ., then reassemble the email address onto one line.)

Director Needed for Int’l School in Thailand

Chiang Rai International Christian School and the current Family Learning Center are “Serving the Servants” in the beautiful and tropical Golden Triangle area of N. Thailand. CRICS is looking for a Director to lead the Family Learning Center through the process of becoming the Chiang Rai International Christian School. The Superintendent will lead this organization into the future working with a very supportive school board, staff and Ministry of Education in Chiang Rai. This is a volunteer position so you must raise your own support.

The Vision of CRICS is: To help others know God and understand Him more fully by serving the body of Christ through providing quality Christian education in Chiang Rai.
Please contact
title="blocked::infocricsatatgmaildotcom infocricsatgmaildotcom" href="infocricsatatgmaildotcom">infocrics(at)
gmail(dot)com for more information. (Replace “at” with @, “dot” with ., then reassemble the email address onto one line.)

Missionary Training Camp by Elijah Company

It happens during four days from June 19-22 in Virginia, covering the major areas of need to go and stay in the call of God. They emphasize relationships, spiritual warfare, intercession and support, and, with Intercessors Arise, they offer mentorship and training in missions and prayer. Short- termers as well as furloughing missionaries have gained needed tools for their work. Their web site

http://www.elijahcompany.org/ has a description of the training and curriculum and applications. Write to us at training(at)

elijahcompany(dot)org or call 757-333-0446. (Replace “at” with @, “dot” with ., then reassemble the email address onto one line.)

Be Discipled To Reach The Nations

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Lebanon, PA,USA desires to equip, train, and challenge you to reach the unreached! They are offering a combined Discipleship Training School (DTS) and a Crossroads DTS (CDTS) to challenge you to grow in your faith and equip you to reach the nations with the Gospel. The school includes a 12-week lecture phase, including topics such as hearing God’s voice, spiritual warfare, and the character of God, and a 2 month foreign outreach. The dates of the school are: September 15, 2008-March 1, 2009. More information and/or an application can be found at: http://www.ywampa.org/ or
comcast(dot)net or phone: 717.274.9010. (Replace “at” with @, “dot” with ., then reassemble the email address onto one line.) The application deadline is August 15, 2008.

Drip Irrigation As A Tool For Church Planting

Chapin Living Waters exists to help poor people in third world countries grow vegetables when there is insufficient rain. They offer simple, sustainable technologies for subsistence farming, bringing hope to the poorest people and the opportunity to solve their own problems. Their simple “Bucket Kit” can be a tool for outreach and church planting. Check it out at…

and then email Dick
wi(dot)rr(dot)com for information on how to start a simple low cost-low risk pilot project.

International Water Missions Training, Oct 9-11, 2008

Every aspect of the PureWater PureLife Water Training Conference is designed to help ordinary people…missionaries, short-term mission teams, disaster relief workers… understand drinking water problems and learn practical ways to help. The 3 day conference features a blend of classroom sessions and hands-on experience. The training will take place at Country Lakes Christian Retreat Center, Underwood, Indiana (20 minutes from Louisville, Kentucky, USA), October 9- 11, 2008. Participants will learn to assess a village’s water and health situation, test water for harmful bacteria and heavy metals, teach basic health/sanitation concepts, purify water using a simple chlorinator that runs using salt and a car battery, and assemble and operate a mini-water treatment plant including storage tanks. Only 75 students will be accepted. For for complete training conference information and online registration visit:
For more info call Bob at 502-719-9845 or e-mail
edgeoutreach(dot)com (Replace “at” with @, “dot” with ., then reassemble the email address onto one line.)

The Backpage: Who will Cast a Vision for the next 5 Years in Your Life?

We recently asked that question — and, thanks to our good friend, Greg, we learned about “Call2All Congresses.”

(Learn more at…

Check ’em out! There are upcoming conferences in Dallas, Nairobi, and Toronto.

Greg also filled us in on the “Finish the Task” initiative, led, in part, by Paul Eshleman. Learn more about them at…
In a form similar to AD2000 & Beyond, Finishing the Task is “an association of mission agencies and churches who want to see reproducing churches planted among every people group in the world. In 2006, FTT identified 639 unreached, unengaged people groups with populations above 100,000. Since then, 190 of these people groups have been selected, with church planting started in 60 of them.” (Thanks for the leads, Greg.)

Do you have other missions statesman in your midst? Anybody else casting that “big picture” vision? If so, please just click “Comments” below and fill us in! Either way, we can now be optimistic that more vision is in the pipeline!

Doug Lucas

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Want to give Brigada a lift? We sure appreciate those who did this past week: a former missionary turned-Floridian who gave $10 this past week, the Arizonian who gave $50 that is partial to Frontiers and TCM. :-) Also, thanks to the Manitoba resident who gave another $25. (Go Canada!) An anonymous Illinois resident gave $100. Love it. Plus thanks to Lingua House (Creators of “LAMP” and “Learn”) for the $25 sponsorship. Check their products, please!, at:


Finally, hats off to an ACMC “old guy,” (his own description :-) ) for a $100 sponsorship! Yay!

Want to join them in helping Brigada? It’s easy. Just click “Donate” and use any major credit card or PayPal to give online — or, if you prefer, mail a check to:
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5/4/2008 Small Cloud is the teaching, writing, and prayer ministry of Ed Kleiman. Ed connects scripture and prayer with the goal of helping participants grow a deeply intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
Learn more about them at http://www.praybold.org/
Thanks to Small Cloud Ministries for helping get this issue of Brigada out the door — by sending $50. Thanks for your help, Ed!!! 4/18/2008 OUR HEARTS GO OUT… — .. to Blessed Hope Communications, for the
$16.80 they sent this past month as a gift in recognition of those who
talked on Blessed Hope phone accounts. If you have to arrange long
distance service with someone anyway, why not consider Blessed Hope. It
won’t cost you any more — and you might actually *save* money, because
their rates are so competitive. Just browse to:


Thanks, too, to Insurance Services of America for protecting recent
travelers during their trips, which resulted in nice thank-you gifts of
$18 and $14.81 to Brigada, simply because they purchased their trip
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