Zwemmer at CIU offers courses to help you understand Islam and Muslims (credit/seminar) for field worker candidates, workers on home leave, professional tentmakers in an Islamic country, pastors serving where there is a growing number of Muslims, and students sensing God’s call to work among Muslim people groups. Scholarships are available. Current course offering: SUMMER, 2008: Islam through Christian and Muslim Eyes (Johnson) June 23-27; Responding to Muslim Concerns (McCurry) June 30- July 4; The Spirit World of Islam (Larson) July 7-11; Approaches to Muslims (Parshall) July 14-18; The Sacred Sources of Islam (Masood) July 21-25. BY EXTENSION: Islam through Christian and Muslim Eyes (Larson); Understanding Muslim Women (Stacey). For more information, or to register online, visit

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