Here are three new resources to help Christian workers stay healthy in difficult places. (Thanks, Kelly and Michele O’Donnell, for thinking enough of Brigada to send these our way.)
*** Ethne-Member Care-Updates — This monthly report contains important resources regarding member care plus relevant materials from the international humanitarian, business, and health fields. The January 2008 issue is on health/dysfunction in the mission community. The February and March isues are on the role of sender care and encouragement.

*** Reality Dose!-A new web site — This web site has materials on member care for the mission/aid community. The initial resource is a special article on discipline/dysfunction, available in 12 languages. Special links can help organisations develop guidelines for handling grievances and whistle blowing.

*** CORE Member Care – A practical weblog — This is an international weblog, with weekly entries to provide “Reflections and Resources for Good Practice.” Recent topics are on health, dysfunction, perseverance, and the role of beauty.