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  1. FREE ONLINE COURSES FROM MIT — For those interested in self-directed education while on the field or in preparing to go overseas, there are a large number (1550!) of courses currently available online from MIT through their OCW (OpenCourseWare) program. Non-credit course offerings include extensive language and culture programs in Chinese, Japanese, German, and French, as well as offerings in the fields of business, linguistics, engineering, and many others. The courses are designed so that the needed materials (audio and text files) are downloaded for free and studied independently and in a self-paced fashion. Some courses have also been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. No registration is required as the materials are intended for self-study. Find details and a complete course list at:

    (Thanks to the anonymous reader who reminded us of these materials. I was thinking we had mentioned them previously, but can’t find the reference right now. Either way, it’s a great treasure trove of information!)

  2. KINGDOM CATALYST CONFERENCE – BUSINESS AND MISSIONS, ETC — God is going to use His largely untapped workforce in the spheres of Business, Religion, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Education, Government, and the Family to complete the job He launched in Matthew 28:18-20. Organizers of The Kingdom Catalyst Conference hope it can serve to identify people, processes, and procedures needed to lay a foundation of transformation by training Christian leaders of today and tomorrow. The conference dates are Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2007, Dallas, TX. For more information, browse to

    or call: 972.829.8753. or contact conference(at)kingdomcatalyst(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  3. BE SURE TO RECRUIT THE PRAYER TEAM — Neal Pirolo, Author of “Serving as Senders” and faithful Brigada participant, recently wrote us to affirm our admonition to develop prayer teams (in the June 22nd issue of Brigada Today). He remembered, “As I state in the preface of my book, Serving As Senders, I was sitting in the upper level of the U of IL at Urbana. My mind was dreaming of the 17,000 college students listening to the heavy-weights challenge people in missions. At the time I was directing a one-year ministry school with 90-95 students. My attention was arrested as the speaker said, ‘In secular war, for every one who goes to the front line of battle there are a minimum of 10 backing him up on the line of communication. In spiritual warfare how can we expect to win with any less?’ Without having had any experience or knowledge of war, as soon as a prospective student called about enrolling in our school, I would say, ‘Even as the application is coming to you in the mail, immediately begin developing a team of 10 (yourself +9) to sustain you in prayer, because you are entering a battle field more intense than you have ever experienced.’ And, of course, now with our push for the REST OF THE TEAM, the need for a minimum of TEN has become even more apparent.”

    Good observations, Neal — and very relevant. Thanks!

  4. MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE WITH BRIGADA — Because our requests for funding are lower than many other ministries, your gift, regardless of size, can make a huge difference. Check out the “Donate” page to see how little we are shooting for during 2007… and how far we have to go. Just click to:

    You can pull the money from your PayPal account or from any major credit card. Or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. And thank you in advance for helping.